Look, Ma, no Passwords! Send it safely with SendSafely

New tool from Gotham Digital Science allows anyone to send files to anyone else on the Internet in complete safety – no passwords or special software required.

New York, NY December 20, 2012 - Everyone wants to make sure that their documents are secured – no matter where they are being sent. Whether you’re doing business with a Fortune 500 or sending tax records to an accountant, it’s hard to know the best way to send documents securely across the range of people you’re doing business with.

Until now.

Gotham Digital Science (GDS), an information security consulting firm, believes that sharing files securely should be quick and easy, so that everyone from an individual to a multi-national can work better, get more accomplished, and sleep soundly. To that end, GDS has launched SendSafely (www.sendsafely.com), a service that lets literally anyone send files safely and securely. All that’s needed to guarantee the secure transfer of documents from any source to any recipient is an Internet browser and an email address.

GDS, now a multi-national company, began as a few technology specialists working out of a colleague’s apartment. As the business grew, GDS found that communicating securely with clients was a cumbersome task that ultimately detracted from our service and client relationships. To support the different security platforms used by our clients, GDS initially juggled a time consuming combination of PGP/GPG keys, password-protected zip files and SFTP mechanisms. Ultimately, after a lot of research, GDS realized that the only way to have an easy way to send and receive files securely without the need for keys or installed software was to build one themselves. And voila! GDS created SendSafely, a well-designed browser-based application that takes both security and user experience seriously.

SendSafely is so easy to use that your grandmother can figure it out. Simply go to www.sendsafely.com and upload your document. SendSafely encrypts the document in your browser, sends it to the SendSafely server to be available for download, then decrypts it in the recipient’s browser once received. Unlike other secure file sharing services, SendSafely does not encrypt documents or store encryption keys on the server; and therefore doesn’t have access to your files. This is accomplished using a patent-pending architecture designed over the course of several years as part of a collaborative effort with some of the best security minds in the business. How you use it is easy as pie.

Sound too good to be true? Try it for yourself and see. Instead of keeping SendSafely to ourselves, Gotham Digital Science has decided to share it with the world. The hope is that SendSafely will be embraced going forward as the standard for sending and receiving files securely with others. SendSafely is currently free for everyone while it’s in BETA form and will always have a free tier for individual users for non-commercial use.

For more information, please visit www.sendsafely.com.

About Gotham Digital Science

Gotham Digital Science (GDS) is an information security consulting firm that works with clients to identify, prevent, and manage security risks. GDS specializes in security testing, software security, and risk management and compliance. GDS develops tools that solve specific security issues and offers a number of security training programs for IT professionals. With offices in New York and London, GDS can seamlessly assist clients on both sides of the Atlantic. For more information, visit our website at http://www.gdssecurity.com.

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