Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL)

GDS security engineers work with organizations large and small as a core part of their Security Development Lifecycle. Whether you are a global financial looking for outsourced source code review or insourced security resource, or whether you're a small software company looking for security insight into the security of your product, GDS has services to help.

Early prevention of application vulnerabilities is far more secure and cost effective then implementing post-production "band-aid" security fixes. GDS offers Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) guidance and consulting, as well as developer mentoring and ad-hoc security review during the code implementation phase. These services help avoid expensive redesign and patchwork coding efforts associated with insecure design and systemic code implementation flaws which are often discovered too late in the development lifecycle. Please select one of the GDS Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) services to learn more.

Threat Modeling

How are attackers going to target your application? It is almost impossible to design and build a secure application without having an in-depth understanding of the threats it will face during its lifetime. Subsequently, the process of modeling a new or existing application against the changing threat landscape is the cornerstone of a secure development lifecycle.

Security Design and Architecture

Does the proposed application design adequately meet security requirements? Follow secure design principles? Or does it introduce critical security exposures? Insecure design results in fundamentally insecure applications. Such applications are expensive to band-aid fix, and are likely to vulnerable to a lifetime of varied security issues. A GDS Security Design and Architecture engagement will help ensure your application design will result in a robust and secure application.

Secure Development Training

Are your developers armed with sufficient knowledge and tools to build secure applications? Writing secure code requires understanding the fundamentals of secure development - the techniques and processes that lead to the consistent and repeatable generation of secure & robust code. GDS performs regular delivers of secure development training in .NET and Java/J2EE platforms.

SDL Transformation

Do you want assistance in implementing your Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL)? From providing planning guidance, through managing the business and process transformation, through to performing key SDL capabilities, GDS can help in all phases of assisting an organization in the implementation of a software security initiative.

SDL Tools Integration

Do you have a Static Analysis or Runtime Analysis solution that you don't feel you're getting the maximum benefit out of? Or are you purchasing a solution and would like independent expertise its implementation? GDS has extensive experience in a wide variety of SDL technology solutions, and can assist an organization in realizing the benefits of their investment.

Staff Augmentation

Do you have a shortage of skilled staff? Or perhaps you need specific expertise on an ad-hoc basis to augment your current team? GDS can design a custom and flexible solution to provide your organization with the subject matter expertise it needs to help satisfy your security requirements.