Staff Augmentation

Development teams rarely have the resources and in-house security knowledge required to consistently achieve secure code implementations. GDS can help to raise the level of security awareness within a development team through providing on-demand knowledge transfer, testing assistance, and secure SDLC consulting. GDS security subject matter experts can immediately address questions, concerns and provide recommendations related to software security and help get secure code out the door on schedule.


GDS can provide flexible, tailored, solutions to help augment an organization's existing capabilities. Some recent examples include:

Ad-hoc Subject Matter Expertise

GDS can provide additional security subject matter expertise where an organization does not have the internal expertise, or where internal expertise is not available. Examples could include the performance of specialist assessment expertise, such as security architecture or design analysis and assessment, or independent threat assessment reviews over critical systems in development.

Security Testing for Development Teams

GDS can also provide security testing assistance, such as the performance of ad-hoc penetration testing or source code review, as part of a development process. In this way, development teams can have security issues highlighted earlier in the development process, possibly in system test or earlier, and address these security issues as part of the normal development process prior to any final security testing processes in place.

Related Services

In addition to Staff Augmentation, GDS offers the following complementary services:

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